Teamsters, Trees, Trails, Tollgates & Triggers Tour


Can’t we all get along! Yes, the tour was planned for Chevys AND Fords. The joint tour was for VCCA members and Early V8 Fords. One of the tour leaders has both! The tour followed much of the Barlow Trail in and about Sandy, Oregon. It was a great hands-on history lesson in what our forefathers and foremothers faced in coming west in the 1840’s. The tour started in Sandy with a brief presentation on the history of the trail at the Sandy Museum. This section of the trail was near the end of the 2,100-mile journey to Oregon City. The Chevys and Fords travelled all the way to the town of Zig Zag, on the way up Mount Hood. Because of the steep grades and warm weather, we had a modern truck with trailer to help with any breakdowns—just in case. Everyone got along famously. We think a future tour with our Ford friends is in the cards!