Club Operations


Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the interest to the public in the preservation and restoration of all Chevrolet and GMC automobiles.

  • Encourage the study, compilation of data, summarization of the information and preservation of literature related to the Chevrolet (Chevy) and GMC automobiles.

  • Provide activities and events for car enthusiasts that promote our enjoyment of Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from all eras.

  • Provide tours, car shows, and social activities that encourage participation by all family members.

  • Share knowledge and resources among members regarding car restoration.

  • Provide activities that promote fellowship among active members.

  • Promote awareness to the general public of the importance of the automobile as one of the most influential and historical accomplishments in the industrialization of the world.

The organization shall be noncommercial and nonprofit, and shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, and national origin.

The Columbia River Region VCCA membership meets monthly, on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00 pm at the Oregon Stamp Club (4828 NE 33rd, Portland, OR). 

At the membership meeting, members discuss club issues, upcoming tours, and the status of club projects. In addition to reports by the club officers and committees, we share leads on parts and cars, and have a monthly member drawing.

The Board of Directors generally meets the following Thursday at different members’ homes.

Communications among club members is through the monthly Royal Mail newsletter and our website.

>> Find our calendar of events here.

Monthly Meetings

first Tuesday of the month 8:00 pm


Club Activities

Club members organize monthly tours, visiting interesting places such as car collections, museums, vineyards, and parks. There are occasionally overnight trips, but generally tours are for a late morning and afternoon, with stops for a group lunch. Some members caravan with their old Chevrolets and GMCs and others drive their daily drivers, especially during inclement weather. See a gallery of recent tours & events.

Club members are also active participants in putting on the Portland Swap Meet each April.  Club members participate on the Portland Swap Meet committee, and provide personnel to run the meet (see description of Portland Swap Meet).