2017 Columbia River Region Officers

The Columbia River Region of the VCCA has eight officers that provide skills in a number of areas to support our club: Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Royal Mail Editor, Historian, Membership Secretary, and Tour Coordinator

In addition, there are several committees that are responsible for activities, including the Banquet Committee, Elections Committee, Swap Meet Representatives, Finance Steering Committee, Membership Projects Committee, Website Committee, and several ad-hoc committees. Members who serve in these capacities provides the leadership to make our club a well-run and fun organization for all. 

Area #3 Director, Vintage Care Club of America:  David Gowan


Dave Koetje


I have always been interested in old cars. When I was in high school, I bought a 1964 Jeep with a blown engine and I changed the old Jeep 6 cylinder with a 327 Chevy small block. In 1999, I had an opportunity to buy a 1930 Chevy farm truck that needed a total restoration. A couple of friends of mine told me that I should join the Vintage Chevrolet Club, which they were members of. So in 2000, I joined the VCCA and it has been a great experience for me. The technical help on that restoration and the friends that I've made have truly been a blessing. I have seen more interesting things and been to so many cool places, that I wouldn't have been to if I had not been a part of this club. My wife Lynn has been a great supporter in this old car hobby, and she enjoys the outings as much as I do. 

koetjedl [at] hotmail.com

Lee Matthews


I was one of the founders of the Columbia River region of the VCCA, watching the region grow from a dozen or so, to now over fifty active members. I've always loved Chevrolets since I was a kid. I remember riding in the neighbor's '30 Chev coach when I was around five years old. The first car I learned to drive was my mother's '31 Chev coupe. Had a lot of Chevs since, from 1929 to 1976. I currently own two Chevrolets; a 1937 business coupe, and a 1953 210 coupe--which I drove to the national meet in Lake Tahoe. But it's not just the cars though, it's the great bunch of people I have met along the way.

matthews313 [at] msn.com



Ed_Gallagher_Big Sur 2014.jpg

Edward Gallagher


I purchased my 1926 Chevrolet Touring the first year I was out of college…a few years ago!  I had been interested in old cars since high school when I helped a friend pull a late ‘30’s Dodge (can’t remember for sure) out of the blackberries. I joined the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America in 1974. Life got in the way with work, watching our children’s soccer games…all those things that make life worthwhile, but little time for the old cars. I rejoined the club in 2007 and have enjoyed the friendships, technical help, and fun ever since.

merryeddy [at] gmail.com


Ron Heintz

Membership SECRETARY

I've been a regular at the Portland Swap Meet, selling parts since 1986. I always saw members of the Chevy club each year at the meet. After learning more about the club from them, I joined in 1996. I started out touring with my 1970 Camaro. It’s now undergoing restoration. I look forward to getting the Camaro on the road again soon. Since 2000, I’ve toured with my 1956 pickup. Over the last 20 years, participating with the club has been a great experience. I’ve served on the Board three different times. Judy and I have really enjoyed the activities and friendships with a great group of Chevy enthusiasts.

Sam Williamson


I purchased my ‘68 pickup in 1973 and sold my ’62 Impala because it didn’t work as a truck. I joined VCCA in 1980. I needed parts for a ’32 Special Deluxe Sedan, which I bought after my mother-in-law took me to see an old Hudson dealer’s car collection in Wyoming. 

samwilliamson32 [at] gmail.com

Norm & Barbara Lemly


Norm and I decided to be the Club Historians because we have always enjoyed looking at the club photos in the big albums that were always brought to the meetings. The pictures date 20, 30, and over 40 years ago. It's fun to try and figure out who-is-who in the older photos. We love touring in the Chevys and capturing the fun times in photos.

But there is no stopping the march of time, so even this aspect of the club is changing. So now, we will enjoy the photos on this website. Please enjoy these photos that we share and come join the fun.

csgtstang68 [at] gmail.com

Cindi Wolfe


I’m this year’s Royal Mail Editor—that’s our club newsletter. We publish once a month, so deadline is now my middle name. I’ve always loved cars. My mother always loved to tell the story that from before I was even two I could spot a Booey (my pronunciation of Buick!) anywhere. As I got older, I could name almost all of them. She said I liked spotting Studebakers best—maybe the fun in saying the name? We never had one—we had a ’48 Packard—and I learned to drive in that tank! Never mastered parallel parking in it—I’d park a mile away to avoid even attempting the maneuver. When a long-time school friend married a car buff in ’67, they began more than a marriage. It was a car touring, vintage dressing adventure every year, and I envied them. Her Christmas cards were filled with pictures and adventures with the old cars, mostly Model T’s, but I don’t hold that against them, and I drooled just seeing them. When I married, we were given his grandmother’s silver and white ’57 BelAir hardtop. We honeymooned in it and had it a few years—sold it for a newer Plymouth—oh the dreaded regret in just thinking about it. Skip over the years, a divorce and three kids, to a phone call in 2005 from my antique car girlfriend from Sacramento inviting me on a Horseless Carriage tour out of Woodburn in their 1915 Hudson Touring. She knew I’d jump at the chance and here was a tour close enough to Washington where I live. I’d met my own “car guy” by then, so asked if they had room for two…and the rest is history. He got interested in the vintage Chevy’s and not just the classics—bought a ’17- 490 Touring within a few months of that Woodburn tour. We had about 14 years off and on of fun touring in his several acquired oldies and recently in the fully restored ’57 he’d taken apart in the early 70’s. I’m back on my own now, but I’m sticking with the VCCA and enjoying every minute, even though I don’t own a vintage Chevy. Cars and car people—I say they’re both the best. I love riding in the old cars and love the way they smell, sound, and give me an excuse to dress up in vintage clothes.  Such fun. 

mtnviewoma [at] gmail.com