Hershey, PA | OCTOBER 2018

Columbia River Region goes to Hershey! The annual Hershey Swap Meet attracted Columbia River region members to the big one! Billed as the largest old car swap meet in the world, Hershey can be characterized as the “Mecca” of the old car hobby.  Located on the grounds of the Hershey Chocolate factory site, it is enormous.


A number of Columbia River region members have gone to Hershey every October for years, and some of us just a time or two.  The event goes on for a number of days, ending in an amazing car show on the last day.  It rained off and on during the week, sometimes a major downpour.

Our national VCCA sets up a tent at the meet for members to gather, sell some literature and recruit new members.  One day it rained so hard that an inch deep stream of water ran right through the tent.  It didn’t deter the good conversation.

If Hershey is on your “bucket list,” check with a veteran attendee on where to stay and what to expect. 2019 Hershey Swap Meet dates.