Gorge Views, Watching Time, Neon Lights Tour

The DALLES, OR | JUNE 2019

Using a worn-out pun, it was gorgeous in the Gorge! The weather was perfect for viewing the amazing Columbia River Gorge.  We motored to a vista overlooking the Columbia River for breathtaking views. That could have been the whole tour, but we were on to the National Neon Sign Museum in The Dalles. To quote their description, “The National Neon Sign Museum captures the history, craftsmanship, and culture that shaped America as seen through the lens of the signage and advertising industry.” Wow, the sign collection from the original neon signs to the present was impressive. We watched an educational film on how neon signs are made, most of us had no idea. And there was more! We went on to the Fort Dalles Museum. Besides interesting artifacts from the museum included early automobiles, which, of course, interested us. Built in 1856 as the surgeon’s quarters as part of a military facility, the building was the last remaining structure of Fort Dalles. Our tour leaders brought in a great lunch that we had on the museum grounds. A great day for all.