Family Tour


It’s all about kids!  For a second year in a row, the Koetje’s hosted a family tour to their home in Happy Valley. Besides having a beautiful setting in the country, they also have a large swimming pool which is a kid magnet. The tour was a destination tour where the old Chevys drove to the Koetje’s on their own. They came rolling in, to the excitement of the kids (mainly grandkids!) we think. Besides playing in the swimming pool, numerous yard games, and having a great catered lunch, the kids got to judge the cars—selecting a “best of show”. They also selected best “Grandma car,” which turned out to be a Corvette. The old folks had plenty of time to chat and tour the Koetje’s amazing shop, and check out their 1918 Chevrolet touring that’s under restoration. Getting kids and grandkids interested in old cars is part of our secret mission in doing the Family Tour, to ensure the love for classic Chevys lives on!