Both Sides of the River Tour


Along the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. The Columbia River separates the states of Oregon and Washington, with both states enjoying the beauty it offers—from different perspectives. Columbia River Region members live on both sides of the river… the river does not divide us, but rather it bonds the two states and our members!  

The tour started on the Washington side at Fort Vancouver. Fort Vancouver is a National Historic Site built in 1824 as a fur trading post in the wilderness of the times. Driving up the Washington side of the Columbia River, the tour progressed to the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson, Washington. The interpretive center is packed with artifacts of the Native Americans and early European settlers. The museum interprets both the cultural and natural history of the area, a great stop in the tour. The tour then progressed over the spectacular Bridge of the Gods, a steel cantilevered bridge opened in 1926.  Now on the Oregon side of the Columbia, the group travelled back to Portland for lunch and good-byes.